Hope (BOS)

Our group photos today spelled out the word Hope. There’s a specific reason why we did that, in support of a member of our Boston community who’s been going through a very difficult time. It was both a reminder that this big, wide, deep, kind, supportive group is there for him and his family, and that even when things are super challenging, there. is. hope.

It’s an important reminder to all of us that no matter what the challenges are that we all face, (and be certain that everyone is facing great challenges that we don’t even see), this community can and does offer tremendous energy, support, kindness, help, and consistency in times when we need it. And every single time you show up thinking you’re just going for a workout, you are contributing to that feeling of support and community that others are receiving. Even when you don’t know their story or how bad they needed to just show up that day, YOU showing up matters.

Thank you to each and every one of you for showing up each and every day that you do. You don’t have to come to every workout to make a difference, you make a difference just by being there that one time. Let’s keep getting to know each other, knowing each other more than just the “Hi” or “good morning” or “I’m glad you’re here.” A wise NP_BOS member often reminds us to get to know more of the community (#NPKnow) and it’s a really good idea. Keep getting through the challenges, and keep showing up–for yourself and for everyone else too.

friday workout

Our Friday July 5th workout this week will be at the usual spot, Corey Hill Outlook Park, and it will be at the usual time, 6:29am…but we will NOT have a usual finisher to our workout. We’ll run first…

then think water…

think grassy hill





It’ll be amazing and fun, so #JustShowUp for all of it. Bring your leftover firecrackers food beer excitement from the 4th of July and we’ll keep the party going.

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