#Homework_In, #DestinationDeck_Done, #Monday_GO!

Where were you when the sun was rising this morning? Well, we had our tribe at Louis Boston by Fan Pier Plaza doing the Monday classic as the sun came up over the Boston Harbor (cocky tone). There is just something about the #DestinationDeck that makes us smile. Its a very simple workout, you can do it on your own pretty much anywhere (a great hotel room workout when you have to travel for work), and yet our tribe loves coming together to start the week right with the run, the deck, and the return run routine. Its clear that adventure, running + body weight combo, and simple FUN that kicks off each November Project week are the three draws to this grassy grunt-fest. For those of you who have not yet jumped on for a #DestinationDeck just know that you’re missing out big time.

We talked very briefly about the that value of this workout and the gains of having a strong core as an athlete. Though the two movements are very basic, you ARE working yourself into a leaner, stronger, and generally fitter version of yourself with each set of 52 cards. Try and add a few more decks to your week and see if you can get faster by trimming rest between cards, all while keeping sharp form. Power-post your comments and photos when you #SoloDeck to remind us that someone is #AlwaysRacing.

WEDNESDAY – Awards (AUG: PR Pizza & New Balance)
6:30AM start. Still trying to break 300 members in a single workout. Please #RecruitMoreRacers and bring someone who is fitter, fatter, slower, faster, louder, shy’er, than you are and show them what we are all about. Maybe you share an office with these two. Maybe you share beers with them. Maybe you share a bed with them… both? If we ALL bring two people we’ll be well over our goal. #weatherproof #RainOrShine #3SomeRecruiting?

We are getting very close to breaking 200 members for this hilly session on Summit Ave and we think it can happen this week. We’ll be working the #IndianaJones style team workout this Friday with small, medium, and large options of volume (last FRI was ONLY Large, XL, and XXL options – Again, nice work on Friday). By this point, you should know the Claire Wood’s, the Lou Harwood’s, and even the Sara Wild’s who are around your same speed to team up with. There is a 35% chance #AlphaWife will be there with her dog. Nice work today. Excited for the rest of the week here in Boston.

(From the left) Sara Wild, Joey "Big20" Kile, & BG doing #Rise&Shine work on Summit Ave.

Leah Y.
Phillip C.
Kim M.
Katie R.
Lauren K.
Brad B.
Allen G.
Justin S.
Matt C.
Eddie Fleck
Kaylee M.
Luis C.
Liz M.
Jule S.
Kate K.
Matt Schank
Sarah M.
Jason Hitt
Erin McD
Jennie Mc
Chad Verry
Andrew F.
Abby C.
Sarah P.
Liz G.
Morgan B.
Mary McG.
Matt W.
Eli A
Marina T
Mike S.
Leigh G.
Charlie M
Bobby Mc
Amanda J.
Brigitte G.
Brent E.
Jake M.
Holden S
Seth P
Andrew N.
L Smith
Lauren Klinker
Luisa M
Nelson K
Steve C.
Todd V.
Michal S.
Scott G.
Kyle M.
Kaylee M.
Nikki C
Amy F.
Thomas VDL
Nicole P.
Max G.
Tim L.

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One Reply to “#Homework_In, #DestinationDeck_Done, #Monday_GO!”

  1. I missed you guys this morning as I did my deck of cards on the living room floor. 🙁 I’m hoping next week is closer in (like around Copley or Kenmore) so I can go. 🙂

    FYI: I worked the kids extra hard today playing freeze dance and messy back yard. I play music and they have to perform a movement. There is very few things better than a group of kindergarden kids doing a wiggle walk until you’re teaching 1st graders how to throw a yarn ball across the gym. 😉

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