Homerun Hoedown (YEG)

Every now and then, we like to switch things up. While many of you decided to take a spring break of your own (we know you’re not in school), the rest of us kicked off baseball season. Opening Day. The homerun hoedown is an activity that takes place on a baseball diamond, covered with snow, filled with smiles, and a circle of awesome-ness. It involves a bat, a ball and a tribe of yahoos. If you weren’t there for it, you will never know what we did. I will only tell you that the ball made it out in one piece.

 The morning got off to a good start with the fire trucks heading in our general direction with the sirens blaring, but it took an even better turn for some when they came back a second time to check out our backsides. I know that you won’t admit that you saw them come back, but I saw some of you give it that extra effort on the squats.


Wednesday we will be at the Royal Glenora Stairs. Be there for 5:59am. Don’t come at 6:00am. Come at 5:59am. When you’re late, we don’t get to say a proper good morning to each other and the hugs aren’t as good as they could be.

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