Home Runs, Frog Leaps & Paint Fumes (YEG)

The title pretty much sums up the morning.

Between pushups, situps, squats, and frog leaps (if you don’t know what a frog leap is…think of a frog and then think of it leaping) the tribe perfected their home run swagger in honour (or honor as they say in the USofA) of our NP cousins to the South…Happy July 4th to all of our American tribes!


Rules of Tagging:

Step 1: Bring a light/bright coloured (or colored) top

Step 2: Lay your top down right-side-up

Step 3: Do the workout

Step 4: Retrieve your freshly tagged top

Step 5: Breath in the fumes as you run/cycle/drive home

Somewhere between Steps 3 and 4 a crew is feverishly spraypainting your tops, transferring & wiping down stencils, and doing their very best to give you the greatest piece of workout gear you will ever own! Today I was explaining the NP tagging protocol – it’s really pretty simple and straightforward: black paint across the front of a top. As I was driving home I realized that I was wearing a black jacket with a white NP tagged on the back…oops…I wonder what the person I was explaining the “rules” to thought as I walked away a complete contradiction to what I was saying. In my defense, that tag was done before we even knew there were NP rules. While we don’t often follow rules but this is one we do follow.

Speaking of the early days of breaking tagging rules…we are coming up on 3 years since this amazing picture was taken. Thank you to each and every person who has ever made the choice to #justshowup! It would be amazing if each and every one of you showed up next week!!


#justshowup – 5:58AM 

Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium – Gate 2

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J


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