Holy Balls! It’s coming…

Yep, you read that right.  Lots of balls and it’s coming.  The BOSTON MARATHON is coming.  One week from today the Tribe will be gathered in Boston for one of the most amazing workouts of the whole year.  For many it will involve a 6:30AM bounce and kickass fest of hugs and free fitness, emphasis on the hugs and definitely #safetythird.  For a select crew from Boston and many, many other tribes, it will involve a ride out to Hopkinton, then a little dash back into town, for that race we call the Boston Freaking Marathon.  The HYPE is real.  It’s here.  There are only a few important things to get in on in the next week.  Just to name a few:


  • The Balls: We play with balls.  We bounce and yell about balls.  And we workout –HARD– around balls.  This morning we definitely did.  Think small little area around a Globe shaped fountain with many benches and balls. Then think lots of NP weirdos in neon and #GrassrootsGear with a knack for finding fitness in all odd places. Then think about lots of awkward references to balls and allusions to things we should not talk about in public with large crowds of people and you’ve got the workout this morning.  I could describe the fitness-y things we did, but it was definitely a partner-based, parkour-inspired, fierce AND weird, you-had-to-be-there kind of morning.  #ballsballsballsballsballs. Sound intriguing? Show up to Mondays.  They just don’t let you down.
  • Other Workouts and Outta Townahs: The Boston Tribe will be welcoming a shit ton of #traverbals from fellow NPers from around the world. They’ve already started to trickle in, but Wednesday and Friday will be full of crazy vibe and off the freakin hook. Don’t miss ’em. Don’t miss out. You’ve been warned. Keep your eyes open for amazingness in the form of athletic and kind people that might be from Cali and are a little tanner, or the folks from Canada–you can tell them cause they say “SOURRY” in every sentence and shit Tim-Bits. Virginia Beach will probably be here too, but we won’t acknowledge them. Just trust us when we say, you seriously want to know the good peeps arriving this week.
  • THE BOOK: If you’ve isolated yourself from social media, then you might not realize that NOVEMBER PROJECT HAS A BOOK.  BG, Bojan, and Ethan Bookman have written a book.  It’s amazing and holy balls, it’s coming tomorrow.  Order it, read it, and share it with the world.  This little idea of free, fierce fitness for all human beings is exploding via #printmedia.  Get on board!
  • SATURDAY NIGHT: 6PM Saturday at Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts, there will be an event like NONE other.  NP, the book. NP, the community.  BG & Bojan, the founders.  The North Face, the annual Speaker Series. Runners World, the 50th anniversary. Boston Marathon, the Expo Weekend.  IT JUST DOESN’T GET BETTER. You, yes YOU can RSVP now for the event.  It’s free and you are invited.
  • Marathon Monday: There will be a normal (haha! “normal”) workout at 6:30AM and then NP takes over the hydration station at Mile 18.  If you’re not already volunteering there or somewhere on the course, you can still show up at Mile 18 for some social time and to cheer on all the NP runners.

Personally, I am pumped for this week and all that is to come with the marathon.  I’ll be running so I hope to see you all at Mile 18 or anywhere along the course.  I’ll be wearing GrassrootsGear…  Love you fuckers! 🙂 EmSauce

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