Holiday, Every Day (DCA)

(photo courtesy of Chris Gray Instagram (@chrisgray40)

Ok, so it’s been a little since a blog post went out from the great District of Columbia. Quick recap of the last week:

– Our #DannyOfTheDay from here on out will be Danny. That’s right, he’s back and with a fire like never before. It’s good to have him home with our NP family.

– #BlackFriday was a kickass time at the Scottish Rite Freemasonry on 16th st. Run, hug, circuit, hug again, run #WeekendEarned.

– We swung back into gear and jumped on that animal that’s out of the cage with #MeridianMonday. Kickstart the week, get up, get out, and get something.

Back to today:

I want to start by giving major props to our 5:30 group. Usually, what happens at the 5:30, stays at the 5:30. Like Vegas. Except I think we have the same amount of fun with less booze, strippers, gambling, etc. We constantly use the early morning risers as guinea pigs for new flare that we want to try with the workout and they just roll with it. These sometimes bleary-eyed but energetic people are a dedicated crew. And for that, we thank you.

Finally, to the real point I want to make. One of our newer members said something to me today as he ran past, smiled, and high-fived me: “Every day is a holiday”. We all need to think like this. Wake up, smile, and be thankful for every thing you get to do, everyone you get to see, everything you get to hear, and the movement you are creating and growing. This world and city is too plugged-in and focused on self-preservation. Make someone laugh, say hi to a stranger, give someone a random high-five. Brighten the world around you. Trust me. It’s worth it.

FRIDAY: Meet in front of Union Station at 6:27AM. Pack light because there will be a small run to the final location. Brady and Steve are taking over while the parents are at the #NPSUMMIT in Madison, WI. PREPARE TO GET WEIRD AND WORK HARD.



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