Holding On to The Olympics (SF)

Yesterday I watched USA Basketball absolutely demolish Serbia in the gold medal match. The great thing about leading NP is that from that, I’m able to turn the excitement of confirming we’re better than the rest of the world at basketball into a workout.

The first prompt today was to find 4 other people to form a starting 5. Ideally people you don’t know super well. To be eligible to score points for your team during the workout, you needed to know the names and hometowns of everyone in your starting 5.

Naturally, after my American basketball arrogance I was paired with 3 internationals. Team Green Card consisted of the pride of Wexford, Ireland, Paddy O’Leary, Luigi from Naples, and Mahoney from Dunedin, New Zealand. And despite winning the plankoff with Paddy’s PR of 4 minutes (cheers lad! Did I do that right?), Luigi didn’t know my name or hometown. Woops.

This month of #NPSFOlympics has been awesome. Seeing everyone competing and pushing at workouts, even just to win Limearitas, has been so awesome. Let’s keep it going! And learn the name of someone new on Wednesday!

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