Hoboken No Jokin (NYC)

Today we took a maiden voyage across state lines and over bodies of water. NP_NYC as now gone bi-state. Today we introduced November Project to the Dirty Jersey. BOOM! Special thank you goes out to Emily and Sam for hosting, providing logistics, and coming up with the work out on their home turf.

We kicked if off right by recognizing all the newbies. We had a NEW battle royale of sorts.  We split up into three groups and chanted: NEW! YORK! NEW B! NEW! JERSEY! etc. Shit got real.


We then bounced and got down to business. We broke up group into 6 groups and rotated around Pier A and its work stations: hoisties, bike rack push ups,  NJ Turnpikes (see below pic) , dips, step ups, and Fuck Yeah push ups.


79 4 56



We also had a big birthday celebration! Actually 2!  Here is one of them:



We finished with some relays and a monster dance party.




Next Week:

Wednesday – Bridge Day! Meet on the Ward’s Island side of the 102nd Street foot bridge. 5:28am and 6:28am. Special rainbow #grassrootgear day.   Bring white or very light shirts–we will stencil a rainbowish-type tag.

Friday – #Sunrise6k, 6/26 @ 6:16 a.m.  Read the blog for more details

Saturday – Pride Run 5-miler – NYRR points race – Stay tuned for details.

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