History (DEN)

The village of Denver includes more than 4,000 acres of parks, parkways, and urban natural spaces. We are a nomadic tribe. Let’s go explore our village.

Today was our last day playing at Governor’s Park. We’ve enjoyed the last 5-months of Fridays there. We love the park, the hill, and the well supplied porto-john, however, there is a ginormous irrigation project looming that is cramping our style.

As a tribe of adventurers and imagineers, we will now take our Friday workouts to different parks, playgrounds, and alleyways all around the Denver area. So keep apprised to our BLOG, FB, & TW. You will love it. Do you have a secret location with gut-wrenching stairs, a rocking suspension bridge, or hill-ish features where we can sweat? Let the Lieutenant General know. We want your ideas to keep the tribe happy, healthy, and loving this city for miles and miles. Next Friday, we meet at the Denver Skatepark! The only wheels you’ll need are your two feet, but you’d better bring your balance…

Good luck to our NP racers this weekend, both near and far! Dig deep.

Lt. Flanniel, TRBO

POST: your # photos to our Facebook page.
WED: May 7 : 6:15AM : Capital Building Stairs (14th/Broadway)
FRI: May 9 : 6:15AM : Denver Skatepark (20th/Little Raven)

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