His name is Ian. He loves to sleep. Friday his fitness slipped.

Ian is a male model. Ian is a bicycle rider. Ian is a good dude who was recently married to an even better dudette.

Ian, though he seems honest, fit, and generally healthy, is actually none of those things at all. Last Friday, Ian slept through the workout on a pile of empty Bush Light cans after telling the loving Co-Founders that, “[YES!] I’m in town and will see you for hills tomorrow” on Thursday. He didn’t show.

On Friday, as many of you were outside enjoying an awesome time-trial style workout, Ian was giving back another portion of his fitness to Old Man Time. As Ian gets older and less truthful, he lets his fitness slip. Another run here, another ride there… Ian is tripling his age every single week while NP members like yourself are actually getting younger. This is proven science that can be seen in many publications around the world. #DoYourHomework

Ian. We know you live in NYC and love returning home to train with November Project. We also know that you value the power of the verbal and saw this post coming from miles away.

Work on your alarm clock skills, work on your blue steel skills, and know that WE MISSED YOU Ian.

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