Hip To Be Union Square (NYC)

Today the NYC_NP Tribe took a trip down memory lane by revisiting our first #SummerFriday location–Union Square.  We did add a twist by using the north end of the park.  Yeah, we’re mad innovative–no big deal.

We kicked off the workout with a proper warm. Safety first! Drills were done aggressively: High-Knees, Butt-Kicks, B-Skips (super awkward).  The entire tribe partnered up and crushed 10 Fuck-Yeah High-fives before launching into 20 mins of L-shaped Lincoln Statue’s.  Yeah, we like to copy MKE and DC.

We closed the workout HARD–5 min wall sit!

photo 3


And if your friends/family/co-workers/strangers/enemies complain that the workouts are too early/too hard/too far–this badass travled from LA to be here. Enough said.

Yeah, I commuted from LA to be here. That’s how we roll at November Project!


Next Workout: Wednesday, 5:28 a.m and 6:28. a.m. @ Gracie Mansion (flagpole). Bring people! We had 117 this past Wednesday, 33 more to hit our #3014 goal.

Facebook message me if you want to volunteer on Saturday, October 25th.   Between 8-11a.m. Boozy brunch to follow.

Fall Yearbook photos are on Wednesday, November 5th. RECRUIT!

Have a great Fucking Weekend! Happy Birthday, Party Peeps!








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