Hip To Be (Times) Square (NYC)

To some, NYC is considered the capital of the world. Today we felt like we ruled NYC, we ruled the world.

“Everybody wants to rule the world”


The city that never sleeps was no different just after 6am. People were finishing their evenings, starting their days, and everything in between.  This morning, NP_NYC JUST SHOWED UP! We buddied up and did a trifecta around the TICKETS steps. We swapped out buddies every two circuits.  Stations consisted of: 5 burpees, 5 push ups, and 10 squats.

Our Tribe also helped celebrate Paul’s date of birth by dressing in his unique style. We saw many the goggles, buffs, jerseys, and crazy pants.



It was also Nick’s birthday. We didn’t dress like Nick. Paul did help dress Nick.

“Paul, you’re chocking me.”



Next up:

Wednesday @ Gracie Mansion (E.86th & East River) , 5:28am and 6:28am.




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