HilltopHalloweenHiphop (DEN)

On Halloween eve we write Wisconsin notes:

  • The theme of todays costume scene was: the onesie.
  • NP5280 members continue to find Porta Potty Landing to serve as a social hang spot rather than a cool spot  to run up and down hills. We’ll blame it on that SF guy that kept talking about “gangs”.
  • The jury has been out but she finally confirmed it for us today: Cha is easy.
  • Eggs were tossed in an unfriendly way. We’re sorry neighbor, we just get excited when we’re all together and compounding endorphins like you read about before the sun rises, but we’ll try to be better next time!
  • That sprint was humbling and it was not entertaining that no one puked.

Mark you calendar for November 8th: Better than Bedtime with the whole NP Nation. The theme is monochomatic-cinematic-asthmatic-hydromatic-spasmatic-runapalooza2015. Got it? But, really, the theme around the US and CAN is black and white. So in Denver we’re throwing it back to the old school screen. We just want to see the creepiest Alfred Hitchcock costumes. Whatever and whoever you decided to be, you must make it work in BLACK AND WHITE clothing. Location TBD, don’t worry about, just trust us.

WED 11/4: Come ring in NOVEMBER with us at the Capitol Building.

Have a safe and happy halloween my friends!


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