Hills: “It’s what’s for breakfast”- Baltimore

Hills: An essential part of any breakfast

Hills: Just like your mamma used to make em’

Hills: Still gluten free

Hills: The bottom tier of the food pyramid

Hills: You’ve got some in your moustache

Hills: Bring your bib!


I don’t know what’s going on. All of a sudden 40+ people on a Friday is more regular than a high fiber diet. ALMOST as regular as Sam The Man Pantalones rocking a leotard to every NP workout like nothing could be more normal. We admire the consistency and dedication to making people smile…because you’re an ice-cube of a human if you don’t smile when a grown man runs by you in a leotard.

Leotard...more like hunk-otard
Leotard…more like hunk-otard

Ok, that’s enough about that leotard. Lets move on to these  amazing facts: In the group picture Garrett’s dog stole the show, Buffs are quickly catching on (thanks Travis), Pat and I look amazing in  cycling caps, chalk art is at a premium and we had visitors from far off tribes. John DeBoer literally drove from San Diego because he heard our tribe had better fall foliage than San Diego does. Unfortunately he showed up too late so he has been camping out in his car waiting to eat hills for breakfast. He claims he is moving to Virginia but i’m pretty sure he just had to get away from the San Diego co-leaders. Ashleigh, Lauren, Jessica, this poor guy didn’t even know how to synchronized lunge! I don’t know what you guys are doing out there…but clean it up!

Meg rolled through from Boston, got crabs (painted on her shirt, sicko), hugged a bunch of people and left like a joy spreading, positivity spirit animal.  Meg smiles a lot, an essential component of any good tribe member. She’s ok in our book and has a crab to prove it. On second thought, we liked John too…we’ll keep them.

Yeah, but can he synchronized lunge?
Yeah, but can he synchronized lunge?

Today was a joy filled masterpiece. Congrats to everyone for finishing your breakfast. Clean plate club y’all!!! Also, thank you to all the Newbies: You’re heading down a wonderfully weird road full of wonderfully weird people. Keep going. 

Remember: December 6’th. We’re taking this city and infecting it with joy and light. Bring every single person you know and at least a few you don’t. Bring your dogs, put lights on them and get them on the joy train. Don’t worry, there will be a sweet little shindig to follow our workout. Here is the event info!

Buffs: They are coming. If you bought one…good decision.

Wednesday Nov, 26’th: It’s the day before Thanksgiving. You need to burn all the calories you can in order to prepare for the holiday…#gluttony.  It also happens to be P.R day. It also happens to be the day we tag clothes. It also happens to be a lot of fun. DOO IT!

If you haven’t read the Baltimore Sun Article featuring Sydney Van Horn, READ IT!!!


Keep taking big bites out of life!


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