Hills are for Poseurs (DEN)

There was a lot of posing going on at our hill this morning. Smiles, jumping, laughing, hugging… trying to frame far away objects between your hands for a feat of photgraphic genius. If I didn’t know any better, I’d a thought you all were at recess or something with your school buds. But know this, you literally all just showed up this morning, because facebook or twitter or word-of-mouth told you that there was something happening on the Littleman Hill in Denver and that you needed a slice of that action at 6AM. At one point in our lives none of us knew anyone else in the group that we played with today. Think about that for a minute.

What I mean is that no we are not all actors on the set of Friends who just happen to live in the same apartment complex… well except for Phoebe, I think she lived in the van down by the Hudson River. Anyway, my message is that we share a common bond of November Project-itis which gives us the mojo to get up in the morning, welcome the hugs of others, and shake our sore booties for the camera.

Am I preaching again? I forget. But, I really like you all, and am happy that we can welcome in Newbies each and every week and make them feel part of our little, happy, healthy community.

In other news, what a beautiful morning! There is something magical about the sunrise over our city of Denver from our perch along the Littleman Hill. Have you not seen Denver in that light before? Well you are certainly missing one of the greatest portraits our little-city-that-can’t-stop-growing has to offer. I’m not a waxing poet, but I can vouch for the fact that the hues of blue, pink, and yellow highlighting the sky and reflecting off our glistening bodies is some sort of spectacle that I am proud to share with you all.

One Love,

Lt Flannn

WED 530/615A Civic Center Park (14th/Broadway)

Sign up for O2X race at Winter Park.

530 !!!
It’s Josh !!


It’s Ali !!

It’s Paul and Hannah !!

It’s the 615 crew !!

It’s Paul’s Facial Hands !!

It’s LG, Aviva, and Mikayla !!


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