Hill Sprint Spectacular (DEN)

If you came to one or both of the workouts this week, stop what you’re doing right now and give yourself a pat on the back because they were fucking tough. There was a lot of chatter in the air about still being sore from Wednesday’s climb yet the tribe dove into hill sprints like they had a weekend to earn and earned it they did!

I’d like to dedicate this blog post to our good friend Ryan Wholesome Woody Wooderson because without him we wouldn’t have had anyone to sing happy birthday to this morning, we wouldn’t have a resident physical therapist to abuse free advice, and Dan wouldn’t have had someone to publicly pick on everyday of Movember 2013. Woody showed up fresh the first day that we claimed the Civic Center as our Wednesday home and he’s been there for us ever since. Other things he is known for: being the first ever winner of the positivity award in Denver, judging the LieutenantGeneral’s lack of preparedness at 5:30, his determination and will to grow mustache despite his body telling him no, sharing a birthday with famed female leader of NPSF Laura McCloskey, and being the close second third or fourth runner up to the legendary #Paulleak of NP-NYC in last year’s First Annual Post North Face Endurance Challenge Series Parking Lot High Jump Expo. He’s also the kind of dude that brings the cupcakes to his own birthday, even if they were only the leftovers… but whatever, these celebratory cupcakes enabled the LieutenantGeneral to give awards to the three humans that so obviously came out on top of todays grueling hill workout. The categories were: Best Newbie to do a Double Session, Best Plaid-Aztec Hybrid Shirt, and Best Newbie from Massachusetts. Congratulations you guys, you earned it. I’m sure the rest of you all did great….

You can always tell when Lt Dan is training for his next prospective race domination because at the end of the workouts you are fucking exhausted. Way to hang in there today tribe! Snow? What snow? Happy Birthday Woody and McCloskey, Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Friday!

Have I told you I loved you lately? xoxo General Mollz

Wed 4/8: Civic Center #JustShowUp and bring  a sleepy friend

Thurs 4/16: NP Yoga at LuluLemon! We’ll have yoga at 6 (all levels), breakfast, and a private NP only sale—if you’re interested in shopping, please bring cash! More details to come.

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