Hiiiii Miss Parker!! We Missed You! (IND)

Parker, Parker, Parker…. aka the Ginga Ninja, aka the Pasty Gangsta, aka DJ Sleep Rapnea.  Where you at this morning, breh?  You were one of the first to verbal, you were working with a back-to-back double streak, you were looking strong going into your first race day and then a no show?!?!?  C’MON MAN!!!

Looks like you and I will have a sit down and I will show you how to differentiate between “AM” and “PM” on your phone alarm.  I just hope your warm, cozy bed was as satisfying as that smack down we put on those stairs today.  And don’t worry, even though you missed #grassrootsgear day as well, I tagged a nightgown for ya.

We’ll see you next week, Dikembe Mutom-bro.  Until then, hopefully your backhand is stronger than your verbal.

Parker Indiana

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