High Altitude Training

This morning the Boston tribe took it to the Swiss Alps for some low oxygen, high altitude, last minute preparations before we tackle 37 sections on our last Wednesday of the month. For those of you new to this November Project thing, each last Wednesday means racing the entire full tour of the stadium as fast as you can. If you post the fastest time of your life, that means you dropped a PR (personal record).

Folks at Swissbäkers knew that our #DestinationDeck workout was going to be kick-ass so they kindly provided some snacks and refreshments to replenish some of the high altitude induced calorie burn. Big thanks to Thomas, Tobias, Ueli Maurer the Swiss President, and the rest of the Swissbäkers crew for hosting our workout.

Speaking of workout, we got reminded today that deck of cards is not to be taken lightly especially when throwing in few curve balls. Instead of our usual pushup/situp combo we went with burpees for red face cards, air-squats for black face cards, pushups for red regular cards, and mountain climbers (while we’re at the alpine theme) for black regulars. Man, oh, man… did it burn.

Great job on kicking off your week the right way. We’ll see you on Wednesday! Bring your long sleeve gear, we’re tagging swag for the fall workouts.

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