Hey-Yo Steg-o

This morning was filled with all sorts of weird shit that it could only mean and be November Project Baltimore. And when I say weird, I mean dinosaurs…well just one…was involved. And it was on me. So I’m not quite sure what that implies…. But needless to say a stegosaurus made an appearance that was not soon to be forgotten. Hashtag attempt-at-a-shoefie.

photo 1 (1)

At our 2nd epic Friday with thousands more to come, we brought the hills, the newbies, AND the music. Seriously, it was one big Bring It On cheer and funfest of a morning. There may have been more newbies than vets and Pat rode the speaker John Cusack style up and down that goddamn Patterson Park hill. And you all crushed it. (P.S. if you didn’t know — one hill up and down equals one mile. We know…you’re amazed. You can thank us on Sunday with a beer).

Things that are important to your social life:

  • ONE. THIS SUNDAY @ 4:45PM at our Friday location spot. Destination and amazingness (perhaps more Steg-O appearances – Thanks Laura for the dinosaur giving love!) to come. Remember – “They Came in 2s” theme… interpret as you wish.
  • TWO. Runner Appreciation Day @ HolaBird Sports TOMORROW 9-2PM. Come win some free swag and mingle with your favorite NP folks and make random strangers from UnderArmour, Adidas, and the like do crazy workouts with us.
  • THREE. The below is NOT real. Because I love you all too much.

Lots of Steg-o love and awkward dances,

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