Hey Ma, I’m on the News…Eating Bleachers (PHL)

Wednesday mornings have seriously tested our mettle.  Since the beginning of Philly’s pledge days, it seemed Wednesdays always happened to bring extra windchill and more precipitation…in the warmer months Wednesdays can be hot, humid and equally unforgiving.  If Wednesdays are NP_PHL’s stubborn child, Franklin Field Fridays are its pleasant, amicable, sibling.

This morning was no exception.  As the sun rose over the stadium, warm temperatures were accompanied by a refreshing breeze.  Regulars and newbies alike gathered in section one to eat some bleachers for breakfast and earn their weekend.  ABC6, Terry and NP_PHL regular, Jamie joined us this morning to document the workout and spread the good word of #freefitness and #community.  Thank you for all your efforts!

We put 35 minutes on the clock and ran as many sections as possible.  We sweat, hugged and built community.  Thank you all for waking up, putting your feet on the ground and showing up.  Without you, this movement would not be possible.

Also a VERY big thank you to John — this creative, talented man, took the time to make us some legit stencils, including a sturdy Liberty Bell which wont fly away during paint sessions.  Thank you, John!  The Tribe is generous. #weekendearned


September 12 & 13, 2014 –All 17 November Project Tribes across North America will converge on Madison, Wisconsin. You will not want to miss this! Here are the deets #ECSWI #NPSUMMIT

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