Hey Lilly, We missed you: ( from your dear friend Emily) BAL

Dear Lilly,

 I’ve watched you, in awe, destroy every box jump with rapid fire speed since we first started this long lasting NP love affair in back in the warm September months, when we barely knew each other. Tuesday and Thursday nights, our text messages read like the conversations between kids on Christmas eve, full of excitement, waiting to see what gifts Santa will bring. Because, it’s true,Wednesday and Friday mornings are that good. So, last night was like all of the other Thursday night banter “ok, I just put on my onesie, so I’m going to bed, but I’ll see you in the morning”. That’s what you said, to me. We also talked about it in person yesterday as well. TWICE. First, in the middle of our deck-a-day before class (yeah, I’ll drop that reference).  Remember, I asked “NP tomorrow?”, and you looked at me with those eyes that said “OBVIOUSLY!” Then, I saw you again later, in form. Since it was the last time I’d see you for the day, we said “Ok, see you tomorrow at 6…” And remember, some random girl said “oh you guys do that Novemeber Project thing, I’m going tomorrow too!” (she also didn’t show up).
Maybe it was because you were so busy tagging all of those 150 NP photos on Facebook that you missed your alarm? Maybe you had a secret late night gymnastics tournament that you didn’t tell me about and your arms were tired. I don’t know, because the only communication I received from you on the matter was 3 VERBALS. As in verbal confirmations. Count them…not quite 4 but DEFINITELY  more than 2.
This morning was beautiful, I headed to the sacred corner of Linwood and Baltimore, ready to give you a GIANT hug. I didn’t see you but it was only 6:26. Phew. We started the bounce, and I figured I just missed you in the crowd. By the way, did I mention you missed an epic all-you-can-eat #hillforbreakfast buffet. You did. I don’t even think I can eat lunch.
It was still dark, and like a lost puppy, I kept searching for you. I like you, Lilly, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I assumed you were just running late. 6:41, 6:57, 7:06. I sent you a running-selfie as some motivation. No response. Since that wasn’t enough, I had Melanie help me as well.
Silence. There was still time, so I asked Nick to help me with one more.
Hey baby girl. We meees you.
Hey baby girl. We meees you.
Finally, the clock struck 7:30. it was time to head home. I made the walk up Baltimore, alone, without you. First time ever. It was weird. Me, alone, with my thoughts. We missed you Lilly.
With love and a tiny sprinkling of disappointment,
Emily & the tribe
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