Hey girl, melt my snow (IND)

BREAKING NEWS: This just in! Despite the hype, it wasn’t that cold in Indy this morning. Really, it wasn’t. I’m not just saying that. I myself was hoping for some negative degree wind chills. Let’s earn our own #NP_IND -30 patch.


Per the usual, #NP_YEG is our inspiration. I am starting to think all good things come from Canada…buffs, -30 patches, hockey, maple syrup…I digress.

The snow fall was sure pretty, a soft, fluffy powder safely coated the steps. No one fell, busted their teeth or broke any appendages today. Which is good because safety comes third on our list; right after 1.) Just Show up, and 2.) Weatherproof. There could have been more of snow, frankly, but we are in Indy, not Boston. Did you know that since the Blizzard of 2015, members of the #NP_BOS tribe have been showing up weekly on Tuesday nights to shovel Harvard Stadium?! Just so they can run clear steps Wednesday morning! That’s positively positive, right there. I digress further, back to Indy: the #NP_IND tribe was small today, but those honeybadgers didn’t care. They warmed it up with some Jane Fonda moves and after Esimko kissing (Canada, eh?!) their neighbor they got down to rolling around in the snow.

Congrats to James, who deservedly won the #PositivityAward today. We love you and are glad you show up.



Next week is RACE DAY! Bring a really tall, bald guy. Oh ok, I’ll do that. Bring someone else!

Indiana War Memorial, north stairs, 5:28am/6:15am, Wednesday.

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