Here There Be Dragons

Lands End. The place where land LITERALLY ends. The world is flat. Well… not flat, you spent all morning running up a giant hill at the end of the universe, so… no, not flat. But don’t you kind of feel that way when you stand at Lands End? Like, if you started swimming out into the pacific you’d eventually go off the page? And then who knows if you’ll ever resurface at the right side of the page!? I mean, like, what the heck is out there, right?

I don’t know, maybe you don’t feel this way… maybe you’re not terrible at geography. Maybe you understand basic physics… Show off.


This morning was pretty freaking cool. About 100 people showed up to CRUSH hills and get their #GRASSROOTSGEAR tagged. We were loud. We were SO loud and it felt really freaking good. Paddy, Laura and I unleashed all of the chants we’ve ever done all at once to take advantage of the rare opportunity. It was wonderful.

Thank you ALL for coming out. Cheer on your fellow tribe-members this weekend as they race in Oakland. Kadala is taking it easy this weekend and ONLY running a full marathon. (*Slacker*)




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