Here Come The We-Missed-You-s

Dear Polly and Jenna,

Whilst you were both staying dry and getting your extra beauty sleep yesterday, we ate hills for breakfast.
We all experience that moment when the alarm shatters the dark blanket you have been under for a completely reasonable 4-5 hours (Polly staying out late on a Thursday!) and you feel like you are being yanked from the womb.


Yeah it sucks.

But we get over it, and out of choice go out and shatter our quads so we feel awesome the rest of the day. Felt pretty good about myself- how about you guys?? I’ll always come get you at 6:23 Jenna when Polly has a late night and didn’t think ahead to sleep in her workout clothes.

But really… thanks for recruiting me to NP. Next time we do burpees in the rain, be there for me to give you both muddy high fives and hugs!
Missed you both!

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