Heptathletes and Mathletes (DCA)

To my surprise, the heptathalon does not include events like leap frog, twerking, tree climbing, and burpies. Who would have thought?! Today’s post brought to you by our resident heptathlete, Steph:


In this crowd, people tend to talk about fitness in terms of mileage, pace, and which race they did last weekend. Although I’ve been around track and field my entire life, I’ve never been that type of athlete. In fact, anything over an 800meter run always made me cringe (and whine – ask Kyle). So, I was really happy to share with you this morning a little bit of what makes me tick – the heptathlon. While I wish I could’ve brought real javelins, hurdles, and a high jump pit for everyone to try, we had to improvise and created a #hillsforbreakfast heptathlon. Throwing exercises, high jump practice, and hurdle relays. You all crushed it, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Back to the good stuff. November Project. I moved to DC in early January, and started attending November Project workouts sometime in February or March (I think – it was so cold, I can’tremember). And I’ve had myself a blast. I’ve since ran my first 1/2 marathon. And recently signed up for the Philadelphia marathon this November. So what changed for the college athlete who loathed distance running?


 Its you guys. Ya’ll are some of the strangest, wackiest, funniest, smiley-est, and most awesome people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. Every. Single. One. Of. You.

 You’ve taught me that fuck yeah high five pushups are way more fun than regular pushups. And moistee hoistees, while soggy and dirty, never fail to put a smile on my face. You’ve shown me that a 5:30am alarm isn’t so bad, when I can look forward to seeing all of your faces. And an elbow high five from a stranger can significantly improve my entire day. But best of all, you’ve taught me that fitness can be fun if I #justshowup. I don’t have to the best runner to sign up for a race, I just need to have fun with it, and #justshowup on race day.



Thank you all for being so fucking awesome. Thank you for inspiring me to do things I never imagined I would try. Thank you for letting me share my love of track and field with you today, but most of all, thank you for sharing with me all of your smiles, high fives, and words of encouragement every single week.

Fuck yeah (sexy nighttime voice),




WEDNESDAY: PR WEEK. Bring that watch, stopwatch, phone, etc. Keep your time for 17 logs so you can earn a free Sweetgreen salad #SweetPR


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