Hello, Summer (YEG)

Today I realized that I am failing summer. I’m pretty sure most of us are.

I got home today and realized I was covered in mosquito bites. I forgot about those things over the last 7 months. I guess we say that everyone is welcome…

Last week, a tribe member wore no shirt because it was too hot. Well today was the hottest morning we have had all year and I’m pretty sure I saw people in sweaters and jackets.

Finally, I forgot what a sweaty hug felt like. Oh how I missed those. I know most of you missed them too because I saw your faces when you had to make physical contact with the person sitting to your right. Don’t worry, it’s all captured on camera.

Monday, we will be at the green arrow at Dawson Park at 5:58am. Be there for the most fun you have ever had in your life! EVER!

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