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Like the great Mayans ascending Chichen Itza, the #np_lax tribe stood before the colossal mountain of stone steps they call Baldwin Hills, prepared to conquer the beast or die trying.  Unlike the Mayans, however, the tribe prevailed, to climb another day, to outlast the times.  We may not have created a sacred calendar, but we’re sure as hell making our mark on the map, and we don’t plan on dying out any time soon!

This morning marked our first November installment of #fieldtripfridays, and what a journey it was!  A voyage to the top, with a few rounds of planks and squat holds while awaiting the arrival of every tribe member (no NPer left behind!).  Then straight to circuits, navigating the trails, cranking out burpees, box jumps, push ups, and dips.  With a view of the all the land, every corner of LA could hear the shrill tribal cry, “FUCK YEAH!” echoing through the city.
Of the numerous cultural traditions the Mayans are known for, aside from chowing down chia seeds, grubbing on chocolate, and playing sports with human heads (eek!), one belief stands strong.  Family, tribedom, a connected community built on interdependence and collaboration.  The Mayans stood together, realizing the power of community, the strength of many as one, and they’re legacy still stands today.  November Project, you hold this concept close to heart.  Hundreds of years from now our message will  be known.  Free fitness for all, humanity unite in a celebration of movement.  Long live November Project!!!
November #fieldtripfridays: Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Culver City.  6:27AM.  Next week we meet at the TOP of the stairs!
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