Hazed and Confused (DEN)

As I sit here looking out my third floor window unable to see 10 yards in front of me, I can’t help but think to myself that this blog post should be written Wisconsin Notes style. So, here we go:

-HILLS. It’s what was for breakfast. That and a tomato, spinach, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich and a smoothie. Who’s stoked for lunch?

-Alex was born yesterday. JUMP!

-Adriana turned a different age today but it somehow got lost in the shuffle so… It’s your birthday BOOOOOOM. Chop to the face. Love, the tribe.

-Wtf rain snow mix? What is this shit? I guess this will be one of those 4 days a year that Colorado doesn’t see the sun. Good thing we’re #Weatherproof.

-Luke has fancy parties that don’t serve burritos but will serve bruus-cetta- hard c.

-It’s MARATHON WEEEEEEEEKEND. As an off shoot of the Boston tribe I officially declare Monday a holiday in Denver. Go get drunk and cowbell people as they run by you on the street. Tell them they’re doing great. Happy Presidents Day! #America.

-What I meant to say was good luck to everyone in the tribe near and far that are running Boston this weekend or the North Face ECS in DC!

-That seems like enough bullet points.

xoxo Molly

WED: Civic Center Park. 5:30/6:15. Always and forever.

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