Have We Lost Our Minds Yet? Maybe! (YEG)

Every now and then, we get really carried away when planning a workout. Our group chats start out somewhat normal, and then become complete nonsense. That’s how today happened. And while I’m still trying to get this white stuff off my eyebrows… Jen hasn’t actually told me what this stuff is. My boss thinks I’m crazy. I’m ok with it. You’re all laughing WITH us.. right? We still haven’t figured out where we draw the line.


Bridge Wars is my favourite November Project workout. That is all.

About that golden ticket… use it.. don’t use it… sell it.. frame it… eat it… whatever you want… Just know that what we really care about is that you keep showing up to help us build a strong community every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Monday we will meet at the Hawrelak footbridge.


PSsssstt.. We’re gonna let you in on a little secret. We would recommend keeping EXACTLY $5 with you when you come to November Project. Again… this is not mandatory because free fitness will always be free and you showing up is the most important thing.

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