Hardcore Parkour (YEG)

Our workouts are always at locations where you can see a different part of the city. Today, we had many options when it came to the workout. Instead, we decided to do a mix of a classic workout, and an extension of Andrew’s weekend. Sure, 104 burpees is a tough workout on its own, but when you add the same number of pushups, situps and split jumps, then you’ve had a crazy morning. Classic.. as they say (no one actually says that, especially not ‘they’). You may be wondering how this was an extension of Andrew’s weekend. Well, he was at a punk show. We had a moshpit, 90 second songs, jumping off everything (also known as Hardcore Parkour) and enough cigarette butts to sponsor an international soccer tournament.

To the person who put an entire tree in a Vitamix, and then sprinkled the wood chips all over the grass, you win this round.


Find the Good,


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