Hard Verbals Gone Awry (DCA)

I’m not disappointed. Let’s start with that. Just know, that I missed you. We missed you. And you most definitely killed the vibe this time.

Ok, for those that don’t know, here’s what happened.

There’s this cool company called Lululemon. They love November Project. Seriously. In almost every NP city, there’s a connection to the local Lulu store(s). We’re both excited about fitness and getting to the core of what people like about fitness (NP) or gear (Lulu) or community (both).

Well, when the local Lululemon approached me about a collaboration of sorts, I fancied a gander. The best thing to come out of it? A HARD verbal from one Miss Hanna Jenkins, one of the employees. She agreed to come to EVERY Wednesday workout in the month of October. I was ecstatic. And then something happened.

Maybe she went too hard in these pants while listening to Future.

IMG_4486 copy

Maybe she was busy practicing her rooftopangasana and forgot.

IMG_4485 copy

Maybe she was just too distracted by other things in her life. Like this half eaten chicken wing.


I got a call this morning. Actually multiple calls. Future asked when Hanna was going to show up. Drake was wondering how Hanna’s workout was going. When I told them what happened, I heard the tears from Future. I listened to the #smh from Drake. We’re not disappointed Hanna. We just missed you. Me, Future, Drake, the tribe. Hope to see you out there next Wednesday. In the meantime, keep working on that serious face. We could use it at NP.

IMG_4484 copy

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