Happy Trails! (BOS)

Since I have to head out to Logan in an hour I’ll be very quick!

– Today was pretty good! (See group photos from 5:30AM below, and 6:30AM above)
– Those may also be our only photos from today. Look for Facebook albums from our guest photographers for more action shots.
– On Friday BG and I will be attending a morning workout in Madison and you’ll be hosted by two very capable dudes name Kreg and Derrick.
– During our stay in Madison we’ll talk about the world takeover, race some trails, and drink some beers. Swimming in the lake on Saturday night after drinking beers and talking about the world takeover may also be on a docket.
– If you’re racing in the Endurance Challenge race, you’ll have the opportunity to get your gear tagged before the race. Be there at 9am to get you swag on.
– If you’re staying in Boston we’re counting on you to hold the fort.
– If you’re racing elsewhere we hope that you have fun in accomplishing your personal goals.


Happy Wednesday and we’ll see you next week!

Love, BG & Bojan

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