When I think of our Mother Earth, my mind conjures up images of amazing mountain top views, waves in the middle of the ocean, sunsets, and…the love of Laura MacDonald, and HER love for our planet. So in order to do this Earth Day justice, we gave Laura a pen and/or keyboard, in which she could barely contain herself — her love of Captain Planet is that strong a force. And with that I give you the words of this little lady:


Guys, guys. Listen up. I have something to admit: There are two things that I love more than free fitness (GASP). The first… is free fitness with costumes. The second is our mother f@$king planet Earth (Because, ecosystem services! Breathtaking vistas! Don’t get me started…)

So, when my stupidly fast and awesome roommate Andrea approached me last week with the idea that we wear our continent shirts to the workout on Earth Day, I nearly exploded with joy. By the weekend, I had recollected my senses enough to pose the idea to our dear co-leader Pat at the North Face Endurance Challenge in DC. Not surprisingly, he was enthusiastic and supportive, and he promised to make magic happen with Nick and Sydney.

And boy, did they make magic happen. This morning, we had water – boat races with sprints to the MD Science Center and back (Science, F&#K YEAH!). We had Earth – a run around Rash Field that had our teammates sweating it out with triceps dips, box jumps and push-ups and wondering if we had decided to run around the circumference of Earth instead. We had desert – a sandy adventure across the Sahara of the volleyball courts, accompanied by plank, burpees and squats. And we had mountains – those beloved stairs with awe-inspiring views of the Inner Harbor from the top of each flight. The only thing that could have made it better is if we had all held our breath so as not to contribute to the rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. But hey, I’ll take what I can get.


Although some of you apparently grew up under a rock (cough, Sydney), many of you should know of the fabled Captain Planet. And I’ve gotta say, crew, that today you brought EARTH, with your down-to-earth attitudes and grounding hugs. You brought FIRE, with the fiery intensity in your eyes as you started the morning with three hearty rounds of F&%K YEAH! You brought WIND, as you raced everything and ran like the wind. You brought WATER, through shared sweat. You brought HEART, with the way you pushed yourself through to the end of the workout. And BY OUR POWERS COMBINED, we started out yet another Wednesday morning in a way that would make Captain Planet proud.

All I ask of you now is that you carry that earth, wind, fire, water and heart with you as you continue on with your Wednesday. Smile at strangers and wish them a Happy Earth Day. Recycle your organic smoothie bottles. Pick up that stray piece of trash on the sidewalk. Together, we will make this world a better place, one free hug at a time.


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