Happy Birthday to US!!!!

Can I just tell you that I love each and every one of you? Yes, you! I don’t care if today was your first time to November Project or you haven’t come in over a year when we were just a teeny tiny pledge group <I’m looking at you Jeff Knoll >. You are ALL an important part of our super awesome tribe and we wouldn’t be standing here ONE YEAR LATER without you. 

Day One.
Week Two.



So, thank you for being awesome and showing up each week. Today was incredible and I can not wait for the big things this next year will have in store for us!

I thought for today’s blog, I would share with you why I started November Project here in Phoenix. For those of you who do not know my NP story starts in Washington DC, and after years of working out at the Lincoln Memorial, the NPDC tribe is in a battle to keep their workouts in the epic locations located throughout D.C.

Several weeks back they asked anyone who might have a story to share write a letter to the National Mall and Memorial Park Superintendent.

Here’s Mine: 


Dear Superintendent Vietzke,

It’s Wednesday morning.

And like every other Wednesday morning, I find myself sitting on the steps of an old abandoned amphitheater carved into a mountain overlooking the Arizona desert. As I watch the sun rise over the trails, I see a runner heading toward me in the distance. Before long, there is a steady stream of runners appearing from beyond the horizon. I can only see their silhouettes in this light, but I know who they are. I’ve come to know their strides.

As they begin to file in to the amphitheater, it echoes with laughter and excitement. After everyone has arrived, we share a few sweaty hugs and begin to get a little bounce going. As I do every week, I take a moment to appreciate that we are not alone. There are 30 tribes out there, made up of thousands of people, bouncing together with the same purpose, and that is to spread love and pride into our communities.

As my tribe takes off to tackle the amphitheater steps, I wonder if they know they are here in this exact location, at this exact time of day for a reason. Can they can feel it?

I used to belong to the November Project tribe in Washington DC and it was my experience there with that tribe that inspired me to come home and start a November Project tribe in Phoenix.

Words will never be able to describe what it feels like to round the columns of the Lincoln Memorial after having just laid it all out there on the steps, and see the sun rising over the National Mall.

What I can tell you is that I’ve never felt more connected to my country than in those moments spent with Abe, and that by being a member of the DC tribe I am prouder to be an American than I was when I started.

It was that feeling of pride and love for my country, and my community, that I wanted to bring back to Phoenix.

When I moved back to Phoenix and started the tribe, I chose these amphitheater steps on purpose. I chose them because I want my tribe to turn around at the top, their hearts pounding after having just laid it out there on these old abandoned dirt steps, and see the sun rising over the Arizona Desert and think “Damn, I love this place.”

November Project means many different things to many different people and it isn’t just about city, state, or country pride; but please know that our locations aren’t chosen by accident, and that sometimes these places choose us.

Abe means something to the DC tribe, and no one respects and loves him more. Abe and November Project DC are inspiring an entire movement of people to wake up and do better across the entire country, and that means something to all of us.

Jaclyn Knoll

Wisconsin Notes:

– HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY/HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us!!! Today we celebrated one year as an official NP tribe. It was awesome.

  • YEARBOOK PHOTOS are next week!!!!!!! It’s a western theme. Bring props and dress appropriately!

Peace, love and cacti,


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