Happy Birthday Alain, but We Missed You.

Well Alain, it’s about time.  It’s almost like you wanted to be thrown up on this wall…I was planning on wishing you a Happy Birthday this morning…but that couldn’t happen from the dark depth of your warm bed.  I guess you can consider this your Birthday gift from DRoth and the rest of us…

Alain Ferry. AF the RD. Velospeed. Fast AF. Jacques. The Silent I. You go by many names (some of which I just made up), and many people know you. Being the mastermind behind the RACE Cancer Foundation, some would argue that you’re a local celebrity in the Boston running community. That’s why it was such a disappointment today when you didn’t show up to Summit Ave after dropping a couple of big fat verbals on Capozzi and Daniel last night. Especially since today is your BIRTHDAY!


Now we know you were up late after the Summer Series 5k last night probably dreaming up the next great race course or figuring out what to name your future kid (congrats to you and Kathleen by the way!), but you’ve broken enough verbals already. We gave you a pass before because you’re a busy dude pulling long hours to raise a shit-ton of money for fantastic causes, but it’s high time you learned to appreciate the weight of a #verbal. So Alain, happy birthday; we hope you enjoyed your beauty sleep, and we hope it was worth it because today WE MISSED YOU.


The RACE Cancer Crew (but mostly Daniel)


Ps. Nice Hello Kitty sleep mask



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