Hanukkah Sameach! (DEN)


NOW SCREAM IT WITH ME! Molly was super excited to give us our weekly (yearly?) Hebrew lesson this morning with a little bit of topsey-turvey dreidel action! And y’all soaked it on up! For some of us, it’s completely new and cool. For some of us, it’s something that we just don’t pull out. Then for some of us (Molly), it’s something that we violently scream in the middle of a crowd as they chant it back to you. She sure is something else.

That is one of the things that I love the most about you people (What do you mean ‘you people?’ I’m not the only one who thought it, right?) Not November Project, but you people. As you all know, November Project is literally nothing without all of you. BUT I DIGRESS! What I love is that we have this thing. This thing where, unlike a lot of the outside world, we can share things that are very different about us, have it be embraced, and chanted by 50 other people! Sure, some of those things are small, like knowledge of Hebrew. But some of those things are big. Life changing big. How we handle the little things act as the light beacon of how we’ll handle those bigger things. From what I’ve seen and felt of all of you since I’ve joined you, I’d trust you with anything. That’s something special and rare right there.

Fuck! I just saw you all on Friday, but by Monday afternoon I was already thinking about how much I miss your faces. The rest of you too, but mostly your faces. Y’all are my favorite squishy sacks of electrical impulses that I’ve ever met… Well, my dog is pretty high up there…

Just… don’t change… but embrace change… OK? Y’all make my heart beat super fast, then skip occasionally.

Go leave someone better than you found them!

5:30 Menorah majorah
5:30 Menorah majorah
6:15 dreamy dreidelers
6:15 dreamy dreidelers

FRI: Little Man Hill/Hirshorn Park (3000 Tejon St)
WED: Capitol Building Steps… Prepare your ugly Christmas sweater
FRI(18th): Sunrise 6K @ Wash Park… Seriously… don’t miss it. You should probably wear that sweater again

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