The Eight Exercises of Hanukkah (NPSF)

In the spirit of the holidays, we let our two resident Jewish kids, Josh Makaron and Ben Dickens, take over from the Irish Catholic-as-fuck McCloskey and O’Leary, featuring Just Clayton (Clayton is an English name? Maybe? Perhaps? Presbyterian?) for the Tribe’s favourite festive workout. The Menorah. The Tribe was ran to the ground this morning, having to light ‘candles’, i.e. crush consecutive reps of lunges, burpees, pressups, etc, etc, etc, as they rounded stair rep after stair rep. Yet, they still got a very detailed Jewish history lesson and a hilariously comical bounce from J-Mak and B-Dick (probably could work on Ben’s mickname a bit). Anyway, here is the Mak’s summary of today. Enjoy. 

This morning (it’s only 11:05 pm so it was still today!), the NPSF tribe reprised a special holiday workout from another tribe – the tribe of Israel. After a grueling early gang with Clayton, Laura and Paddy played the role of G-d and selected a couple of chosen people to bring back the fan favorite menorah workout in honor of Hanukkah.

Ben Dickens led the tribe in a human-turned-dreidel bounce that had everyone dizzy and wondering if they really were made out of clay. We then attacked a combination of stairs and sprints to form the shape of a menorah, with exercises at each candle. The tribe lit the menorah according to tradition, starting with night one all the way at the right, and lighting left to right by increasing the number of exercises and distance until they worked their way back through all 8 exercises. The tribe looked tired from wandering in the Alta Plaza desert, and rumor has it that McO’Clayton were seen looking up the Hebrew calendar on their phones to see what other Jewish holidays would occur on a Wednesday in 2016.


The story of Hanukkah is about an army known as the Maccabees, derived from the Hebrew word for hammer. Today was not about Hanukkah necessarily. But it was about a hammer, and it was about strength. Every Wednesday, we celebrate community and belonging, and those give us the mental strength to push our bodies harder than we might have believed we could. In this tribe, it doesn’t matter what religion you subscribe to or holiday you celebrate, or any myriad of ways you choose to identify yourself. We are all a unique part of a unique family, and together we are a hammer.

Ben will be leaving us soon for sunnier pastures in LA, and the LAX tribe is getting a Star (of David). He’ll forever have a home here – from abs by Ben and team beefcake, this dude is the kindest Marina bro you’ll ever meet, Ben has left an indelible mark on NPSF, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to lead next Hanukkah.

Friday Hills. We’re heading to the true bendiest street in San Francisco. Vermont Street. Meet at McKinley Square (20th and Vermont). 5:30AM. 6:24AM. And fuck it, you could always double up for the hell of it.

P.S. Thank you for all your shoe donations this morning. And big ups to Nathalie and Cassi for putting this together. 


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