Hanging Out on a Friday (NYC)

Hanging out on a Friday is nothing new for New Yorkers. Friday is playtime, especially in the summer with Summer Fridays. Today was no exception. Drawing closer to the end of summer means people are starting to go on that last vacation, last beach trip, last opportunity to work on that tan or show off that swimsuit bod you’ve been burpeeing so had for. We opened the door for one last trip down memory lane. Toes in the sand….

We headed out to the Traveling Rings on the West Side. Our friends who live off Broadway had quite the easy access to this one. We used the rings with a demonstration from our Expert Hanger Leanne. She’s been hanging all month. After that hit some stair snakes, hoistes, and some beach lunges. Workout, check. Then we got one last beach time game of sharks and minnows in before we said good bye to…..NOT! #SummerFridays will never die. That’s right, #SummerFridays are here to stay.


Wednesday: PR DAY. Bring your race face. Bring your water/post fluids. Bring you friends. Bring your dad. We like dads.


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