Hair of the Dog

Happy Monday World! It was a powerhouse smack down of college sized proportions today at the good ol’ ConvStairs. For those of you who were UNaware, it’s the week of the 5th Wednesday in July, we’ll call it the Semana del Quinto Miercoles. Basically this just means one extra week for us to play around with new shit for you guys to love. Pickin up what I’m putting down? Good. Get excited! They were!

Today we reached way back, put on our best college hats, and raced through a Power Half Hour at 6:29am complete with stairs, push ups, dirty dancing references and a whole lot of sweat! We had people dancing their asses off for prizes, cursing scissor jumps and giving a whole new meaning to curtsey lunges. Overall not a bad way to shake off the weekend sleepys and start the week fresh and stinky all at the same time (did i mention we are multitaskers?)

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!!

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