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Awww yeah, #BACKTOSCHOOL month is still going strong. My room is filled with school supplies and my heart is filled with the joy created by reimagining high school and college classes as November Project workouts. Which is more than it should be for a 26 year old “adult.” So far we’ve done:

  • Algebra 101
  • Foundations of Chemistry
  • Recess
  • Fundamentals of Psychology
  • Economic Principles
  • Oceanography i.e. Baker Beach (I just retroactively decided this day deserved a theme too)
  • & Art Class

As much fun as these themes are, they’re pretty damn hard to think up on a Sunday night, so you can thank Paddy for the brilliant cop-out idea of Gym Class Monday! An idea born out of the exhaustion of destroying the Napa Valley Ragnar, perhaps. (Way to go guys!) What does Gym class at NP look like? Well, essentially it’s just a regular-ass workout with some stupid exercised peppered in that you haven’t seen since 8th grade. Results? Amazing. 47 people turned out making this our biggest Monday yet. 47 people crab-walked in a circle and jumped imaginary rope. 3 of those people did such a convincing imaginary double-dutch that I thought they actually had ropes that were just moving too fast for my eyes to see.


But I’d like to speak to another thing… how come 47 people is our Monday record… huh? Honestly! We’ve had 135 people out on a Wednesday, we’re on the verge of breaking 200, and we even dropped a cool 75 point attendance at fucking Twin Peaks on a Friday. TWIN PEAKS! Ya’ll need to take your Sunday’s down a notch and make it out to Fort Mason Monday mornings, or else just suck it up, because you’re missing out. Come join the party!

Upcoming events:

  • THIS WEDNESDAY, September 24th, is HISTORY CLASS. Come dressed as your favorite person from history. There WILL be a prize for the best costume. It’ll be an actual prize too, not just whatever Cliff bars I have left over from last weekend’s race.
  • THIS THURSDAY, September 25th, is RECRUITING PAPERS 2.0! Bitters, Bock & Rye, 7:00pm. Bring cardboard! Invite you friends!
  • THIS FRIDAY, September 26th, we’ll be running a stair and bridge circuit course in place of Friday hills. It’s going to be fucking awesome. Trust me. We’ll meet at the Justin Herman Plaza, 6:23am!
  • OCTOBER 1st, Alta Plaza Park, BRING EVERYONE YOU KNOW to Workout 200!!! We’re well on our way to being the first tribe to break our attendance goal. #3014IN2014. If you haven’t already invited all your friends, get on that shit now! It’s going to be nuts.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out this morning. It was awesome. Enjoy your week!

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