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Before we go any further, our #DestinationDeck location is at Brookline Avenue Playground in, you guested it, Brookline, MA. This is a dog friendly park soooo…. you know, be aware that it’s a dog friendly park. We’ll see you there at 6:28am.

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In May we had few of our members write guest posts on the topic of what November Project means to them. Today, our guest post comes from the guy that’s been training with the tribe for five short months. On his last day before taking on the new challenges that may land them anywhere from Dallas to Chicago, he remembers his first and a hopefully not the last day with NP.

Ladies and Gentleman, Rishabh Mallick.

6:26AM Feb. 13th, 2013.

Four days have passed since a brutal winter storm crippled this city.

I walk up to the crowd of athletes huddling together, awaiting the expected decision of a substitute stadium workout due to the accumulated snow. The decision is reached; we are instructed onto the field adjacent to the stadium. Virgin snow still blankets the field.

Hop, hop, hop – stumble. Eight seconds in, and I’ve already managed to lose my footing in the knee-deep snow. As regain my stature, Brogan & Bojan encourage us to hug a stranger and wish them a good morning. I cheat. I hug my friend Laura.

We’re informed of our substitute hump day workout: 20 minute continuous circuit interchanging sprints and jogs – through the frozen field.

Bojan is our time keeper. He starts our first sprint circuit. I pull one ear bud out to listen to his cues. I quickly realize how difficult running through a foot of snow/ice is. Out of breath, during the “jogging rest” circuit, I check my watch: 5:38. I still had more than fifteen minutes left in my kind gesture of plowing the snow for the Grounds crew at Harvard.

The next thirteen minutes are just as cruel to my legs as the first five. I examine my ankles. Blood is trickling onto my socks from the repetitive scraping against the harden snow. I pause a minute to examine the extent of my injury. I quickly triage it as a shallow cut, but I remain hunched over for another 20 seconds in an attempt to catch my breath.

And then it happens. A stranger whose face I do not recall, whispers in a voice I do not recognize: “Two more minutes. You got this. Let’s go.”

I come alive. An insatiable beast that thrives on pain exalts my body from the depths of fatigue. I ignore the sprint and jog cues from Bojan. I sprint till the workout ends.


Sadly, today is my last day as a resident of Boston. While my home of five years has provided me with many friends, adventures and life experiences, few have been as rewarding as November Project. For me, the tribe was never about physical exertion. Long before my first NP workout in January, I had committed to working out every day – a streak still alive today at 421. Rather, NP provided me with a community in an endeavor that I initially believed to be solitary. The kindness of strangers, the positive attitude of athletes and the commitment of Bostonians is what kept me coming back to NP.

And honestly, there is no greater gift in life than being surrounded by good people.

#hardbodies with #kindsouls

Thank you – November Project.


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