Guest DJ Selfies (BAL)

You know it’s going to be an epic morning when “American Girl” and “Whoop! (There It Is)” blast their way through the sound system, kicking you into high gear on your 4th, 5th, final, etc. lap around our dear Rash Field. Both songs resided on two incredibly throwback-ish, but always still relevant, Spotify playlists. Big hugs (or another lap if you just really hate 2 Legit 2 Quit…because that’s too bad for you) to Liz & Steve – the winners of our NP_BAL Guest DJ contest! What did they win? Major tribe props and a selfie with the tribe with their choice of tribe-action. See below.


So as we rocked out early in the bounce, the tribe kicked it into high gear with the ever-so time-crushing PR Day: 6 laps around Rash Field at your fastest to knock off some seconds and get some hand hugs from your co-leaders. Just kidding, we give hand hugs to all….but maybe you won’t get a thumb caress is all. PR scores coming to a google spreadsheet near you!


PR laps complete? No ending there as tribesmembers picked out the hottie on the track and ran with her/him (we seriously need more guys) to finish out their PR, ending as one big kick ass tribe running it out with the last group.

PR laps complete? Partner laps complete? Not quite done yet! We decided that Sally hadn’t come out in a while and we missed her sweet voice commanding us to many minutes of pain. The newbies will tell you their own thoughts on her, just ask them tomorrow. The squat circle that is Sally was dominated with groans and clapping, which shows us our hump day was done right. (Note: the 5:30 clan did Sally AND Duck Duck Plank….you can call them plank-a-licious *coined by Maurice*)


Congrats to Jana for her quiet, but motivating and positive force here at NP! She deserves ALL the cookies and positivity awards!


And big thanks to Amy Leigh Photography for shooting the bestness for our tribe.

Important stuffs:

  1. Join us for Friday (obviously after workout) for Baltimore Bike Party! Rep your best Under the Sea #grassrootsgear.
  2. #NPSUMMIT is in two weeks in Madison, WI and you should join us even if you aren’t racing.
  3. You still have time to sign up for City vs. City 5K at Druid Hill Park. Discount to run at $20 if you use the code ‘NOVPROJ’
  4. Plan for a water table at Baltimore Running Festival Oct. 18th! More info coming to a NP FB social group nearest you.

You all killed it this morning and I couldn’t imagine starting my hump day, or really any day, off than with you fine folks.


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