Guest Blog: Kaitlin Rumpshakin Wallace (DEN)

Today’s blog is delivered to you by one of our truest of true core members. This girl is contagious. She laughs hard, she hugs tight, she drops her booty like she’s black, she kicks ass at a real job, she’s a competitive triathlete, but yet, until today something has been missing from her life. Like we’ve seen time and time again, NP has a way of opening up eyes and filling voids in people’s lives that they didn’t know were there. Today, we can add to the impressive list of things that Kaitlin Wallace is. Today, she is a sledder. Take it away Wally:


It’s zero degrees. You’re standing in 10 inches of new snow, wearing layers upon layers. You’re standing upon a familiar hill, one that burns your quads, calves, and lungs even on the clearest of days. This could be a typical NP Friday in the Mile High City. But today, it was the best day of life.

We hug. We bounce. The cold air is quickly filled with the fog of our condensing breaths. We “GOOD MORNING!” We “FUCK YEAH!” And the fun begins.

We power up the hill, feet tromping through the snow as quickly as we can move them, our arms doing more work than usual to carry us up to the Governor’s Mansion. We knock on the wall, ask him if he wants to come and play, and start to head down the hill. And then, we did something I have never in my life done before.


If we were playing “Never Have I Ever” and I threw down “Never have I ever gone sledding,” I would have won immediately. I am from the great state of Flo-Rida and while it is the land of sun, surf, and sand, we are missing one amazing S– snow!!

The NP5280 leaders asked us to bring sleds to this workout. I went to Target for a sled. They were sold out. I brought a hot pink pool floaty. (Re: part about being from Florida). It worked twice, mediocrely, and popped a big hole. I guess I have some things to learn. I’m lucky the NP family is good at sharing their toys, as we all got to try the various sledding devices– styrofoam cooler lids, baking sheets, cardboard boxes, and actual, real-deal sleds.

Other things I learned this morning:
– Sledding is the greatest thing in the world.
– Wisconsinites and Minnesotans know how to pick out a wicked sled.
– Doubling up on a sled? Double the fun! And double the speed.
– Running snowy hills = ridiculously hard workout.
– I cannot contain my smile and laughter while sledding.
– Brad is a beast and snowshoed the hill while carrying a rucksack and, at times, a man on his back.
– Florida needs snow days.
– Have I mentioned sledding is the greatest thing in the world?!

I will sleep well tonight, hopefully dreaming about my new aspirations to be on a bobsled team. Think Cool Runnings.

“Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. Get on up, it’s NP BOBSLED TIME!”
SATURDAY: Civic Center Gala After-Party. Please consider attending or making a donation to the Conservancy that has been our voice to the city to allow us to call Civic Center Park our Wednesday home.
WED (3/4): 5:30/6:15am Capitol Building Steps. Find out if March comes in like a Lion.
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  1. So excited for your recent adventure. Since we always went tubing I guess i overlooked a major snow thrill for you. You are a true delight Penelope !!! Love you, mom

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