Guess Who’s Back, Back Again (DEN)

My dear sweet Denver tribe,

Thank you for welcoming me back, despite having a choice. I’d like to keep this super serious, since we all know November Project runs on straight faces, dumb workouts and no jokes. I’d like to thank Woody and Sarg for doing a good job of pretending to hold down the fort for the last two months while I secretly ran things from afar.  A lot of things have changed since I’ve been gone: Turbo and Country grammar did not have a running themed wedding, Pace met a man so enamored by her he drove her 6 hours to see her first bison, there was a documented picture of Stacey Cha smiling, and Chad left the country for the first time- when asked for a trip report, he shrugged his shoulders, looked off into the distance and said, “medium”. On my end, I flew around the world on a single trip to China for which American Airlines kindly rewarded me with a $12 voucher- aka “enough money to cover a gross airport salad- before tax”, ate at all four of my favorite burrito stops in Boston in a two day trip, was asked to do some “reorganization” in a hippie cult in Telluride based on my resume of leading non-cult fitness tribe they heard of in Denver and faked my way into the exam room of way too many poor forsaken souls at a medical center in the depths of the San Juan’s. Cool, now that we’re caught up I have some things to tell you.

  • Props to Erin Neil of 5:30 for fame for having a big heart and the drive to research how we can help out our sister tribe in New Orleans. We hope you can find it in your hearts to help their city out. If you were in the audience for Woody’s reading of NP-New Orlean’s love letter to us this morning and you don’t have heart enough to donate than you’re a robot. But no pressure… follow this link:—Nola-Flood-Relief
  • North Face Endurance Challenge in Park City Utah. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be rolling there at least 20 deep. It’s a fun race, NP is like royalty there, and it’s a beautiful time to be in the mountains. It’s coming up at the end of September so lets start fueling the fire and getting teams together. Word on the street is we might be getting 18 passenger vans to make this one hella NP-DEN field trip. If you want to make a team get loud about it, post it in the social page, scream it from the roof tops, send it out in an inter office email “by accident” and see if you actually get a positive response.
  • We have a big birthday month coming up in October. That’s right, we’re almost out of the terrible twos and onto our third year as a fast, fierce, loving community. We are planning some big things so stay tuned, stay hyped, stay excited.

FRIDAY: Meet at Highland Gateway Park (20th and Central)

It was so fucking good to be back this morning. I love you all and I’m so glad you’re here.


xoxo General Millz




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