Griffin Grind

This morning’s workout was brand new, never seen before anywhere in the world, and fresh from the minds of Jen and Nadim. The past few weeks have taken you to a few of Edmonton’s finest post secondary institutions. We’ve noticed a few things this month, and figure it’s time to get back basics. Pushups are not pushups unless your chest gets to the ground. You can be on your knees, but your chest must touch the ground.

We forgot to warn the group that started with the cards this morning that when you are doing your laps to watch out for cars . So this is/was your warning. Carry on.

Wednesday, the goal (#3014in2014) is to have over 200 people at our workout. That means, if everyone did their part, and brought a friend, enemy, frenemy, baby, baby mama or neighbour, we would be building a strong community. Everyone has some sort of fitness goal, but we’re making a community goal. This will sound crazy, but the more people that show up, the easier it is to do stairs. That is a promise. 200 people in Commonwealth Stadium, at 6am on Wednesday, meeting at Gate 2.

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