Green Toots Co-Founder’s Horn & Joins NPSF

Today’s #PositivityAward winner speaks about his first days with November Project and why leadership is key in Boston. We are going to miss having Connor Green here in the “617” but we know Laura and our West Coast family will surge forward as he joins NPSF in the coming weeks. Have a great Monday everyone.

Almost one year has passed since I stumbled upon a group of roughly 200 strangers running the Harvard stadium at the crack of dawn. I was on my way to complete my own workout consisting of a few casual sections and perhaps a few pushups. However, I immediately was drawn in by the energy of the group and shortly thereafter, I decided to join November Project three times a week on a regular basis, through the dead of Boston’s winter.

Back in the Fall, BG and Bojan urged NP members to post on the group’s FB wall, why do you train with NP? Many tribesmen cited their desire to push their physical limits, to meet new friends in Boston or perhaps to simply have some fun and let loose before beginning a stressful day in the office or classroom. While all of these factors contribute to my NP obsession, what many tribesmen failed to acknowledge is the strength of leadership from delivered by BG and Bojan during MWF workouts.

BG and Bojan set the tone by completing the workouts before any else arrives and then proceed to offer encouragement as the rest of the tribe completes the prescribed exercises. Every MWF, they bring intensity and a great sense of humor, and cheer us on as we race towards PRs and form new friendships. They inspire us to wake up at ungodly to complete workouts that bring us to our breaking points while the rest of Boston hits the snooze button one last time. Throughout the year, I’ve joined the tribe for these 6:30am outdoor workouts in the middle of snowstorms, hurricanes, heat waves and single degree temperatures. Not only do they get us out of bed to train in these conditions, but they make sure we have fun every time we do it. I’ve been involved in athletics my entire life, but BG and Bojan are among the finest leaders I have encountered. They’re the glue that keeps NP Boston together and I’m grateful for their commitment.

This July marks my final month of training with November Project Boston for the foreseeable future. As I begin a new chapter in San Francisco, I will undoubtedly miss this NP family, but I hope to continue working out with the group in SF. I want to take this opportunity to thank BG and Bojan for all of their hard work and leadership that they have brought (and continue to bring) to the table, and for setting an example of what a few dudes can accomplish when they commit to an idea.

WISCONSIN NOTES: #BetterThanBedtime2, Sunday, August 4th as SF and BOS are also in motion. We part in three cities as one. Stay tuned for exact details.

SF NOTES: #BetterThanBedtime2, Sunday, August 4th as MSN and BOS are also in motion. We party in three cities as one. Stay tuned for exact details.

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