Great (YEG)

Today was great. How great? So great that the pigeons left us a present in section B. Today and for the next few weeks, the sun will be rising at the same time we are working out. If you are able to forget that your legs are violently shaking and your lungs are gasping for air, it is strongly suggested you look up to the east and look for the giant floating ball of fire that is coming from Saskatoon. Apparently the world revolves around this ball of fire, and some believe that it is the bringer of life. I’ll stop right there because if I keep talking about beliefs, people will start to think we’re a cult. To be clear, we’re not, not a cult. Have you read our book yet? I digress. Can someone send the cleanup crew to Section B. The pigeons couldn’t handle the workout. This next part of the blog is being written at a different time as the first part of the blog, so I might repeat myself somewhere, but that’s ok. I never proof read anyways. The upper deck is never easy. And I hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t get easier. However, when you’re up there, the views will take away whatever breath you have left. It’s worth it.


Your shirt + our black spray paint = fresh grassroots gear
We’re doing another round of tagging. Please stick to 1 shirt per person.

  • Pro tip 1: Put a piece of tape with your name on your t-shirt so you know which one to take after.
  • Pro tip 2: Make sure to take your shirt home after it is tagged.



Find the Good,




PS: 2 weeks ago, we had a camera and reporter follow us around at a bunch of workouts over the last few weeks for a story on NP. It will be on CTV Edmonton on the 5pm and 6pm news on April 28th. For the record, some of those workouts they filmed were during their days off. That’s impressive.

PPS: It’s almost noon, and my legs are still shaking.

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