Grassed Out (DEN)

This morning the NP5280 tribe got down and dirty on the Civic Center lawn. It didn’t take long for are asses to soak up the freshly watered grass, as we pushed and crunched through a deck of cards [try this at home: black cards = pushups, red cards = situps, do the number of reps on the card, J-11, Q-11, K-13, A-14].

Next we introduced the tribe to the super sculpting exercise called the BOJAN. Named after our Boston-based co-founder, Bojan. I think I was present the day at Harvard Stadium Track when Bojan and Brogan created the BOJAN on the spot. “Er, you jump over her, and then, ah, you crawl under her.” It was liquid pixie dust gold. We added a little sprinting spice to the partner work to keep the oil flowing.

Congrats to Minnesotan Alli Bell who earned the Weathered Oar Handle, that we politely call the Positivity Award, from the Illini Robin Einhorn. Do good, hug hard, recruit more racers than you ever thought possible. Oh and recruit Jenny Simpson & Emma Coburn & Governor John Hickenlooper & your ugliest-worst-fattest uncle. We will reach 3,014 participants at one workout across the continent by the end of the year. And they will forever be allowed to exercise with friends in nature for FREE.

Yours, Lt

FRI 6:15A FLANNEL FRIDAY. Meet at the back stairs of the Convention Center at the most awkward of intersections at California and Speer Blvd. See map for details. Parking may be stiff, so cycle or run. #FlannelFriday means that you should probably go to a thrift store and buy a flannel leotard now, do it now.

FRI 6PM  Run To Happy Hour @ Governor’s Park Tavern: Meet at 6PM at Governor’s Park Tavern for a 3.5 mile run around Cheesman Park. Return to Tavern at 6:40PM for Happy Hour Specials. For more info see Gociety event. #GORTHH

WED 6:15A (5:30A Early Group) Capitol Building Stairs at 14th & Lincoln (MORE STAIRS!! MORE RACERS!!)

Denver Covention Center Stairs FLANNEL FRIDAY
Denver Covention Center Stairs FLANNEL FRIDAY
Denver Covention Center Stairs FLANNEL FRIDAY
Denver Covention Center Stairs FLANNEL FRIDAY



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