Gotta Catch ‘Em…All? (BAL)

When your interactions with society become this:






Or this:


Then you know it’s time to make a Pokemon Go NP workout.

Nick, Syd, and I knew that our time was limited with converting this craze into a workout. After all, with the short attention spans of our generation, Pokemon Go will be an afterthought by this time next week. This was our chance to capitalize! We considered just giving you all the space and time to download the app and play it at Rash Field for 40 minutes. But after MUCH deliberation – seriously, it was probably the longest email chain we’ve ever had trying to create a workout – we delivered today’s workout. We gotta say, we think it went better than we ever could have expected.


You Rock-Paper-Scissored your way through Rash Field in your quest to become the ultimate Pokemon Master. Yes, we know that not all Pokemon come from eggs (thanks Shaun) and that Pokemon don’t evolve into Pokemon Trainers, but you gave us the benefit of the doubt and procured some seriously impressive Pokedexes (Pokedexi? Pokedexeses? It’s like speaking a different language here, folks). Thanks for entertaining us and using a heaping of imagination to make today work!


Congratulations to this week’s Positivity Award winner, Ann Walsh. This lady quietly kicks ass at each workout, and we appreciate her steady presence, her warm smile, and her hips-in hugs each and every week. You earned it, Ann!


The three of us will be out of town on Friday as we embark on our trip to Toronto for NP SUMMIT 4.0. We know we are leaving you in very good hands with the ferocious Grant Chang and burpee queen Jennum O’Hara. Jennum may make you all just do burpees the whole time while sporting what I am dubbing the “Grant Grimace.” Meet them at Patterson Park, at the corner of Baltimore and Linwood, on Friday at 6:30AM!



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