Good Morningside (NYC)

Today the tribe went north–we hit our PR for the farthest north we’ve (NP-NYC) ever been. The tribe went above the UWS all the way to Morningside Heights. The tribe explores.  The tribe spreads its wings.

Today, we bounced, then said, “Good Morning……..side”

Today, we had #stairsforbreakfast. 30 mins of HARD stairs. 5 burpees at bottom, 10 dips at top.

I want to put these mittens on my legs.

Even co-leaders couldn’t resist getting in the action.

Co-leaders stick with K Shea


Sun is AWAKE!


Announcements / News:

Wednesday: 5:28am and 6:28am at the Ward’s Island side of the E102nd St footbridge. We WON’T be #grassrooting. Stay tuned for a warmer day possible #grassrooting pop-up.

Team November Project (TNP): If you haven’t signed up for November Project in your NYRR account, do it now! Contact Myles if you have any questions. We have 93 team members already. Get in the game.

Get your Inappropriately Fast Homework done.  More .




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